The European Commission Authorises the Marketing of Prevtec Microbia's Coliprotec(R) F4

Montreal, March 24, 2015 - Prevtec Microbia Inc. announces that its German subsidiary, Prevtec Microbia GmbH, received marketing authorisation for its vaccine, Coliprotec® F4, in the European Union, an important market for the Canadian company. Coliprotec® F4 will be distributed in the European Union by Elanco Animal Health (Elanco), a major player in the animal health industry doing business in more than 75 countries. Coliprotec® F4 is a live oral vaccine that will enable European veterinarians and producers to access a new technology for immunizing piglets against enterotoxigenic F4-positive E. coli, which is associated with post-weaning diarrhea (PWD). “We are very happy to have received the European Commission’s approval for Coliprotec® F4. We believe our product will be very successful, not only because it’s a pioneering alternative to the existing solutions but because we can also count on Elanco’s exceptional team,” said Michel Fortin, President and CEO of Prevtec Microbia Inc. “We are proud to offer this new option to European veterinarians and producers. With its single dose and practical oral administration that follows the natural route of infection, Coliprotec® F4 will be an important tool for fighting against E. coli infections in swine. Such an achievement was possible thanks to the contribution of German CRO, Klifovet AG and Spanish CMO, CZ Veterinaria S.A.,’’ stated Dr. Eric Nadeau, VP Scientific Affairs at Prevtec Microbia Inc. "As a major breakthrough in the fight against post-weaning diarrhea in pigs, Coliprotec® F4 is a significant addition to our range of vaccines. We see this as a further opportunity to deliver innovation and value to our customers,” said Ramiro Cabral, Head of Elanco operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Developed by Prevtec Microbia, Coliprotec® F4 has been available in the Canadian market for over seven years. About Prevtec Microbia Prevtec Microbia develops technologies for swine and poultry to improve health and increase production performance. With activities in Canada, Europe, the US, Brazil, the CIS, and Asia, this Canadian company contributes to ‘’a better way to feed the planet’’. Its Coliprotec® F4 vaccine and two other products are in the approval phase in several countries on three continents. For more information, go to www.prevtecmicrobia.com. About Elanco: Elanco is a global, innovation-driven company that develops and markets products to improve animal health and food-animal production in more than 75 countries. Elanco is a division of Eli Lilly and Company, a leading global pharmaceutical corporation. Additional information about Elanco is available at www.elanco.com.

DATE » 25.03.2015

AUTHORS » Serge Denis, Montreal, Canada

PUBLISHED » Press Release, 24MAR2015

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